Sunday, January 18, 2015

Merkel Must Be Happy About This

Absolutely disgusting.

So, essentially, Germans in Germany are being dictated to by foreigners and aliens on what they can or cannot do in their own nation. Instead of being outraged by this, the German elites side with the foreigners and aliens against their own people.

We need at this point to come up with a new term to describe Whites, since "omega race" is infinitely too mild.  As it exists now, the White race must be the lowest form of life on Earth, the most degraded, pathetic, self-annihilating, weak, flabby, pathetic bunch of sorrowfully pitiful specimens ever assembled.  This race is an embarrassment, just watching, or reading about, White behavior is so painfully tragicomic, one cringes in disgust.

The most useless omega male, some pathetic creature who fantasizes about shooting his wad in the flapping fat flabs of some grotesquely obese landwhale, that omega male is an endless number of orders of magnitude more powerful, self-respecting, and dynamic than what passes for the White race.

I guess next, Germans and other Europeans can ask their NEC masters for permission each and every time they need to use the toilet. I mean, we can't have these uppity Whites thinking they can have the temerity to even take a leak without getting the go-ahead from their obvious masters and betters now, can we?