Tuesday, January 27, 2015

More Mainstreaming News, 1/27/15

More surrender.

What's next?  Promoting African immigration into Hungary? Joining with Marine Le Pen to support pro-immigration hardcore leftists in Greece, Spain, and other EU nations?

Mainstreaming in nationalism is similar to the degeneration of conservatism in the USA: "being elected" becomes the end, not the means to an end.  In mainstreaming Rightism, one does not strive to win election in order to implement a program, instead one actualizes a worldview merely to achieve the objective of winning elections, of getting and staying in power.

I declare "mainstreaming" the enemy of racial nationalism. The reason is that, as stated above, it is not a means to an end (which would be acceptable as long as there is evidence the "end" is being achieved), but the end in itself.  In Europe, we see the same pattern as the USA: politicians prancing around the Right to garner support from the base, but quickly shifting Left once elected (Le Pen is getting a head start on the process, by shifting hard Left before election, but that's just "Marine being Marine," so the fanboys continue drinking the FN "kool-aid").

Orban has been elected.  He is in power.  He is the government. I'm just curious when he's going to, you know, actually enact a hard-Right program?  Closing down racialist meetings (e.g., Spencer), praising Jews and attacking WWII-era Hungarian nationalism, getting cozy with the multiracialist Putin; that is not what I would classify as a hard-Right program.  Here are some suggestions, my dear Orban: take Hungary out of the EU, end all immigration, start repatriation of aliens (including Hungary's mass Roma population, who belong in India), tell the Jews they are not welcome in Hungary, denounce the non-proliferation treaty and state that Hungary claims the right to a nuclear deterrent (you know, like Israel has), get rid of all "hate speech laws," embrace racial nationalist conferences, embrace Hungary's rightist history, and ridicule the moronic "Turanism" of Jobbik, another group of Magyar jackasses.

But hey, he "can't" do that. He may not be "re-elected."  Instead, a "leftist" may be elected, and that no-good leftist may do all sorts of nasty lefty type things, like closing down racialist conferences, denouncing historic Hungarian patriots, kowtowing to Jews...got to avoid that, no doubt!