Saturday, January 3, 2015

More Strom, 1/3/15

Some points.

Strom's analysis of race and of the Negro is welcome, even though I mistrust some of the HBD material. The Pierce/National Alliance cheerleading is another matter.

The revelation - perhaps confirmation would be a better term - of Pierce's seething animus toward non-Nordic Europeans has discredited the old NA brand for persons of European stock who derive ancestry from outside NW Europe. I am not claiming that Strom shares Pierce's views (nor am I claiming that Williams does - for both cases, I do not know, but Strom has heretofore not exhibited any of Pierce's attitudes insofar as I am aware).

This issue will eventually need to be addressed. Unqualified praise for Pierce and all his views could be seen as tacit, unspoken agreement with those views.