Monday, January 26, 2015

Reversing the Mainstreaming Logic

What's good for the mainstreaming goose is good for the radical gander.

Read this, and when reading it, remember that Marine Le Pen has come out in support of the Greek far-left, and against the far-right Golden Dawn. Although I disagree with Golden Dawn on some issues (e.g.,their idea of a Russia-China strategic turn),  I am a strong supporter of the Golden Dawn movement. They are doing in Greece the sorts of things nationalists should do throughout the West: going into communities and helping their people and building up ground-level support. The fact that Golden Dawn finished third, despite their leaders in prison and their supporters attacked in the streets (with police connivance) demonstrates the worth of that movement and its supporters.

Now, back to Le Pen. Marine's logic here goes something like this: "There is no one on the right in the Greek election who is exactly like us in the FN, therefore we reject them and support the far-left."

Now, what if heavy-breathing radicals such as myself turned that around and said: "There is no one on the right in France exactly like us, therefore we reject them and support the far-left."

I'm sure we radicals would be condemned for that, while Marine's sweaty fanboys (the same types who got sticky stains on the fronts of their trousers over lantern-jawed, could-pass-as-transgender "Sister Sarah" Palin) give her a pass on her disgusting and dishonorable display of nationalist disloyalty.

I'll be patient though. Let's see what the mainstreamers can do. I won't support them, but I won't support their leftist supporters either. What would justify mainstreaming dishonorable behavior?

I say that Marine Le Pen needs to come to power AND then needs to enact a real ethnonationalist agenda AND then that needs to set off a nationalist chain reaction throughout Europe AND that would need to lead to sustained change leading to racial nationalism, repatriation, and a new order. After all, that's what the mainstreaming apologists suggest will be the payoff.

Hey, if that happens, great, and I'll admit I was wrong. On the other hand, will the mainstreamers admit their error if that series of outcomes does not occur?  Their error would be more damaging than mine. After all, I'm no public figure, politician, or leader. I'm just some grouchy, ill-tempered blogger, so if I end up looking like a fool for doubting Saint Marine, who cares?  My ranting and rambling isn't going to have any effect whatsoever on the French political scene.  I'm a nobody.  On the other hand, Marine Le Pen is, like it or not, currently Europe's leading nationalist politician. What she says and does has great importance for the future of the White race and Western civilization. If she is wrong, the consequences will be a lot worse than she merely looking like a fool.  It could be wasting what may be our last major chance of reversing the current disaster.

So, the mainstreamers had better be real sure they know what they're doing. They won't be forgiven if they are wrong.