Saturday, January 17, 2015

Why Culture Is Important

I can't disagree with Taylor about this.

Granted, there is substantial overlap between race and culture here, since most Muslims are non-European.  But, above and beyond that - and putting aside the fact that culture directly affects race (e.g., Muslims, even White ones, would support mass migration of non-White Muslims into White nations) - culture itself is crucially important. Every race has a High Culture which is its natural ecology, its racial niche, and a foreign culture would destroy a people and its identity as well as would foreign genes. Thus, differences of culture/civilization alone can be grounds for exclusion, even if there are no significant racial differences. That race and culture often overlap makes the exclusion easier, and even more necessary.

Of course, what I would say goes beyond Taylor's video: Judaism/Jews is foreign to the West just like Islam/Muslims, and should be excluded as well.