Saturday, February 21, 2015

Diagnosing the post-Rotherham Pathology

Analyzing pathology.

In Rotherham, between 1997 and 2013 — for more than sixteen years! — more than 1,400 White children, most of them girls and some of them not yet in their teen years, were abducted, raped, tortured, prostituted, and passed around for sexual entertainment by Pakistani men, many of whom acted as if they literally “owned” their young White victims. And that figure of 1,400 is now considered — even by the very Politically Correct authorities in Britain — to be a “very conservative” estimate.  
When complaints were made to the authorities, again and again — for years — the investigations went nowhere. They went nowhere not because of lack of evidence — for evidence there was in abundance — but because the investigators and those charged with protecting children in Rotherham were afraid of being perceived as “racist,” a sure kiss of death for a political or bureaucratic career in the new Britain. Years later, an official investigation discovered that pleas for help from White children and parents were sidelined “for fear of ‘giving oxygen’ to racism.”  
When a 13-year-old girl bravely reported what was happening to her to police, the response was aloof derision, and nothing was done. An investigator into the scandal reported that White victims were routinely “treated with contempt.” Also treated with contempt was a delegation of White mothers, each of whom had a daughter or daughters being routinely raped by this organized non-White gang. The mothers’ delegation pleaded with the authorities to do something because the police were unresponsive. This was in 2002, after five years of such abuse. Still, nothing was done — for some eight years. And now that this horrible abuse network — and its official enablers — have been exposed, after almost twenty years have passed, not a single official has been charged with a crime, and most of the perpetrators are still walking the streets freely.

What can one say about a race, a people that allows this to happen and then does nothing about it?  Newsflash: ANY other race, even the vaunted “high-IQ, law-abiding, k-selected” Northeast Asians, would have rioted, lynched those responsible, thrown the vermin out of Parliament, and instituted a new government. 

Now, I don’t want this to degenerate into yet another diatribe about the pathetic worthlessness of the White race.  That worthlessness is an objective fact and plain for all to see.  It may be useful though to list some possible reasons for the lack of reaction, so we can better understand the pathology. This cannot be a complete list; when faced with such deep sickness, it is difficult to provide a comprehensive diagnosis. But let us at least begin the process.

Not my problem, upper class version. As long as it is not their family suffering, an upper class ‘elite” Englishman may shrug this all off as “someone else’s” problem.  Hey, if lower class Whites cannot insulate themselves from savage brownsters, that’s their fault and their problem. The elites are riding the crest wave of globalist multiculturalism; their careers are advanced by adhering to the System, they make much money and derive much power from the suffering of lower class Whites.  Isn’t that what O’Brien said in Orwell's 1984: the way you know you have power over someone else is by making them suffer.  As long as they themselves don’t suffer blowback from diversity, influential White elites will continue promoting it. This is pathological atomized individualism, it is free-riding on White society and White continuity, and it is also short-sighted, since the children and grandchildren of the elites may not hold the same high status in the Brown Britain of tomorrow.

Not my problem, lower class version. More atomized individualism and selfishness on display here; essentially, as long as the chips and beer, the TV shows, and the sports games continue to be available, the lower class Whites will put up with someone else’s children being abused, as long as it is not theirs.  We begin to see amoral familism rear its ugly head, raising the possibility that this social pathology is not the sole province of greasy dagos but, given the right circumstances, may afflict the more civilized and socially altruistic peoples farther north.

You got to break a few eggs to make an omelet. Some folks may regret what happened, but believe that it is a small price to pay to build a “diverse, multicultural, socially just” society. This may include some of the people who ignored the tragedy when it was unfolding. This I guess fits more into the HBD narrative of northern pathological altruism and universalism.

They got what they deserve.  Even more pathological are those Whites who so actively hate their own kind, who so much love “the other” that they do not even believe Rotherham is anything at all to be concerned about, from the White perspective. The only concern is the well-being of the brownsters. Some White folks may get a psychosexual masochistic thrill over the humiliation and degradation of their racial kin.

I care, but I’m afraid. There may be people genuinely upset, but they fear speaking their mind. In a “tragedy of the commons” scenario, each person hopes someone else speaks up first, but they themselves don’t want to be the ones to do it. “Anti-hate” race laws threaten them with jail for speaking their mind, they also fear social ridicule and ostracism, and other various forms of social pricing. With all these coercive forces, with the politicians and media on the other side, with each atomized White unsure about the beliefs of his fellows, everyone wants someone else to take the first step, so no one does.

I care, but what can I do? The person may care but believes they are powerless (yet they won’t even vote correctly when given the chance).

I care, but it is hopeless. They believe it as all over, their race is doomed, their nation is lost. So even though they are enraged, they see no point in endangering themselves over a lost cause.

I care, but I trust the system. Whites are nothing but not naïve, and they will continue to hope, against all reason that the System will actually act in favor of White interests.

I care, but I’m too busy and then I forget.  Too busy, too stressed, too self-absorbed, so many other things going on.

I care, and I did something – I wrote a comment on a blog and/or I cursed at an immigrant.  Whites who have no idea, who confuse private opinions and a passing comment with real life, long term, committed useful activism.

Most likely all of these possibilities, as well as others not mentioned, contribute to varying degrees. Note that only a fraction of these people - and those only in the minority “I care” categories – have any potential to be reached, and even for these, long term success is doubtful.