Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Greg Johnson vs. the Manosphere

I agree.

I’m glad to see Greg Johnson has taken on the PUA “manosphere” “dark enlightenment" crowd, with this fine essay.  I’ve been waiting for someone in the “movement” to join in with my months-long criticism of this sex-obsessed corner of the HBD jungle.


A healthy, well-ordered society punishes jerks and cads. Ideally, it should simply weed out people with severe personality disorders by preventing them from reproducing.

I understand the motivation and am in general agreement with such eugenic breeding.  But, one must be careful.  There may be a fine line between “severe personality disorders” as exhibited by “jerkboys” and the sort of ruthless leadership personalities necessary for any quality, high-achieving society.  I recall an episode of the original Star Trek, in which a “transporter” malfunction separated Kirk into “good” and “evil” halves. The problem was that the “good” half was unable to make decisions and to lead; absent the “evil” part of his personality, Kirk became an indecisive beta/omega milksop.

So, yes, we need to alter the dynamics so that the “jerkboys” do not dominate the sexual market, because a society of too many “alpha jerks” will be unstable.  However, I would not eliminate “evil” or “jerkiness” or “dark triad” traits completely – we may end up with a population of mild-mannered Last Men.  I always remember Nietzsche saying that you must have some chaos within yourself if you want to be a “dancing star.”


In sum, my concern is that the manosphere teaches young men to emulate anti-social and pathological traits. Women then reinforce these traits with one of the most powerful inducements of all: sex. And, over time, otherwise good men become the kind of men they would never allow around their own sisters and daughters. This is moral corruption. Namely, moral corruption by teaching men to conform to emancipated female desire rather than to correct it.

Yes, exactly.  The “gamesters” are fine with respect to “description” (about sex; when they get into race, it is merely warmed-over HBD nonsense); the problem is with “prescription.”  I would have no problem if “game” was peddled as a short-term tactic – e.g., “hey guys, here is how you can get laid while at the same time you spend most of your intellectual energy smashing the System.”  However, to these guys, “game” is a strategy, it is a way of life, and it is dedicating oneself to Last Man nihilistic hedonism.  Not only that, it is internally self-contradictory: it is a male-oriented “manosphere” that takes a justifiably dim view of female sexual behavior, and then tells men they have to dedicate their lives to altering their personas so as to appeal to the same “female hamster mental acrobatics” that is leading society to perdition.

The answer these nitwits have to Johnson is the juvenile nonsense about “sitting poolside” – as if the System is going to leave them alone to “sit poolside” when the times comes to hand over the “pool” to a bunch of feral Negroes, who will piss in it and walk off with the hypergamous females. The “game" crowd cannot escape the society they live in; if they want to “get laid” they have to interact with the general hellhole and as they try to “ride the tiger” the tiger will turn around a take a bite out of their ass.

You don’t ride the tiger gentlemen, you KILL IT.

So, we have taken the first step.  Very good.  Next, I hope that some folks (Greg?) in the “movement” will reevaluate the obsession with Judeophilic and Asiaphilic HBD pseudo-science, which makes a mockery of real racial science, historical scholarship, genuine psychometric studies, and population genetics.  When I start seeing some “movement” stalwarts attacking HBD, then maybe there’s some hope for the “movement” after all.