Tuesday, February 10, 2015

In The News, 2/10/15

Thoughts for today.

Why we need democratic multiculturalism.  The System is banking on a smooth, relatively painless genocide of Whites, peaceful race replacement with little polarization, as Whites cheerfully assist and applaud their own dispossession.  It's imperative we "monkey wrench" multiculturalism, get involved in a pro-White manner, using the methods discussed here previously.  We need chaos and more chaos. Racial chaos will breed polarization, distrust, alienation, and balkanization.

Of course, Whites are so useless, one wonders if they can muster the will to defend their rights even in the context of the multicultural system.  This photo essentially represents the White race of today.

Individuals whose emails to Bush were revealed should sue.

East Asians organizing "people of color" anti-White protests in Minnesota. These are the wages of HBD. Again and again, I call for a future White ethnostate to execute the HBDers for race treason.