Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Chinese Threat

Long term view of the Yellow Peril.

In contrast to racial nationalists who casually dismiss the central importance of China as a fundamental threat to the West, I note this important article.

Of the article itself, I have little to add, it is self-explanatory and detailing its contents would be superfluous.  I do urge readers of this blog to read that article and ponder it carefully.

What I would like to comment on are China's Western "enablers" and subtle Chinese methods of distracting the West from the looming threat.

First, this guy Pillsbury should be executed for treason, after, of course, a proper trial. His "mea culpa book" is sufficient confession; regardless of whether it was done out of stupidity and naivete or from malice is irrelevant: the damage has been done. What?  He should enjoy a comfortable retirement and derive proceeds from book sales?

Then we have all the people on the "Right" who worship at the altar of China and who intentionally turn a blind eye to the Chinese threat.  This includes conservatives enamoured of the "model minority" in the USA and thus project this fetish toward the Chinese state.  We have all those who call for more Chinese immigration to America, more students, more STEM workers, more H-1B visas - when it is clear this is a tactic to infiltrate America and steal our technology.

Then we have the traitors at the periphery of the "movement" - the HBDers and their Asian-IQ fetish. At my other blog, I have been advocating that a future White ethnostate put the (White) HBDers on trial for race treason and then execute them, and this article here underscores the necessity of that.

Then we have the sexual fetish of White beta/omega males for Asian (especially Chinese) women, including HBDers, conservatives, and others on the Right.  I note that a number of instances of Chinese spying on America have been characterized by female Chinese agents seducing White men. The broader "Yellow Fever" sexual fetish is a more generalized approach: not for the specific goal of spying, but for the more overarching goal of infiltrating American society and influencing the White cognitive elite in the bedroom.  Thus, we have the Derbyshire types advocating an "Arctic Alliance" - an alliance with the same race that has been tricking us for decades and bleeding us dry economically, technologically, and strategically.  Men will do anything for sex it seems, including selling our their race and civilization.  And now we have Chinese - females of course, since they know the White man's weakness - infiltrating the "movement" itself, "Chinese Nationalist Maidens" promoting intra-White division and suggesting we should get funding from a rich Chinese sugar daddy.

The entire White race, particularly men, and including the Right, has some sort of self-destructive fetishistic fixation on the Chinese and other Asiatics and I hope it ends soon before they end the West.