Saturday, February 28, 2015

To Be Fair, 2/28/15


To be fair to the mainstreamers, I'll admit that Orban's words sound good.  Will they be backed up by action? Who knows? Is any of this sustainable in the long term, with EU pressure and the possibility that leftist success in future elections can overturn whatever good Orban does?  Doubtful.  Will Orban screw things up in other ways and alienate the population, making a leftist electoral success possible?  Likely.  Would Jobbik do a better job? Probably, but then Jobbik would be more vulnerable to EU interference and subsequent electoral defeat.

The pressure that will be put on Orban by the EU (he already has been lectured by that White-hating harpy Merkel) shows that the pro-White crusade needs to be global and pan-European. Nationalism in one nation will be opposed by the globalism of all the others. The pressure also demonstrates the limitations of mainstreaming. The whole farce of democracy needs to be jettisoned as well. Is Orban's "illiberalism" for real?  Doubtful again.

We'll be watching.