Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Yellow Leadership for a Rising Tide of Color

Facts are facts.

Excerpts, emphasis added:

The indictment has galvanized other Chinese-American leaders, but in a different way. To say that Officer Liang has been singled out misses the bigger picture, those leaders argue. Asians have also suffered at the hands of police officers, they say, and it is time for them to join the chorus of black and Latino voices calling for reform.

“Peter Liang being Asian only means that all cops need to be held accountable, regardless of skin color,” said Cathy Dang, the executive director of CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities, an advocacy group in New York that works with Asian immigrants from several countries. “We should use this indictment as fuel for us to organize even harder to hold the white officers who’ve killed accountable.” 
Councilwoman Margaret Chin, a Democrat who represents the Chinatown neighborhood, also called for Officer Liang to be indicted, saying the filing of charges would be a step toward reforming a police force that she said has unfairly targeted Asians as well as blacks and Latinos …Ms. Dang said she hoped to encourage Asian-Americans to find common cause with blacks. Her group had previously called for the indictments of the officers involved in the deaths of Mr. Garner and other unarmed black men. 
 “When the Peter Liang case happened, it did make it a little more complicated to navigate between our different communities,” she said, adding, “I actually think there’s a growing investment in the organizing, especially by young Asian-Americans.”

Here’s a photo that can be used a new cover art for the next edition of Stoddard’s Rising Tide of Color.

Wake up White man. Asians hate, hate, hate Whites. Asians are, by their own words, part of the world of color, organizing along with Blacks and Hispanics against Whites.  White HBDers who praise East Asians, who label themselves as “Yellow Supremacists,” who advocate an “Arctic Alliance” – these are RACE TRAITORS, the lowest of the low.  Some of them are pathetic filth, socially awkward psychosexual degenerates who have sold out their race for sexual access to Asiatic females.

And it’s not only the HBDers who are going to be targeted for criticism at my blogs.  Those WNs who enable HBDism – and now they have no excuse about not knowing the truth – will also be equally targeted.

HBD is the “fifth column” of traitors within a racially aware White community, diverting racialism to the interests of Asia and those sell-outs who live their lives in the dust pitifully groveling before the Altar of Asia.  The White race will be free only when HBD has been completely discredited, and a White Ethnostate executes leading HBDers, to the universal joy of an enlightened citizenry.