Saturday, March 21, 2015

Another Example of the Bunker Syndrome

Frat Boy Bunkers.

When my Bunker Syndrome post was put up at Counter Currents, there was at least one nitwit commentator was criticized me for being too harsh on the Bunkers.  But of course, Bunkerism is a common malady for Whites in America today (and elsewhere as well, I'm sure), and others will criticize it as well, although not labeling the behavior so colorfully.  The following is an example of Bunkerism, a species of Bunkerism if you will.  Traditional Bunkerism was characterized by "bigotry" in one's private life, coupled to aracial conservatism publicly. But among young, well-off Whites, Bunkerism reaches new heights of hypocrisy and fawning weakness: more secretive private expressions of anti-Colored animus, coupled to public groveling pro-Colored social displays (emphasis added):
But I would maintain that the frat boys are doing the greater harm — to White people — not with their racist chant but with their hypocrisy. If they really are hugging Black athletes and pretending that they love them — not only suppressing but inverting their real racial views for public consumption — then they are contributing to an atmosphere where White girls are more likely to think that dating a Negro is acceptable. These frat boys, for all their racist chanting and “Martin Luther Coon” parties among themselves, in the rest of the world are no help at all. In fact, they are part of the problem. 
It’s not just frat boys either. Since the 1960s, when racial equality became the dominant cant of the United States, glaring hypocrisy has become the key to success. Consequently it’s the White American bourgeoisie in general that behaves this way. You can hear it for example in Sean Hannity, who has expressed emphatic approval of the expulsion of two students for singing a racist song, the Constitution be damned. He also recently expressed his commitment to the idea that all humans have the same potential — science be damned. This cowardly careerism is killing the White race.