Tuesday, March 24, 2015

HBD is a Political Movement

Countering a big lie.

Over at the Jew Unz blog, some HBDers are pushing the big lie that "HBD is not a political movement," citing certain allegedly incompatible individuals and groups that gravitate to HBD. That's a rather stupid argument, since a core political ideology can certainly exist, with peripheral entities cherry picking from that core what they wish to stress and what they wish to ignore.

So - what is the core ideology of HBD?

1. Hostile to White racial nationalism.  This despite the fact that, yes, some WNs will gravitate to HBD, because they like what HBD says about Negro intelligence and behavior, because HBD recognizes race, because HBD recognizes heritable group differences, because certain WNs have an anti-pan-European agenda that overlaps that of HBD, and because HBD may flatter their particular narrow ethny.  All of that does not alter the fact that the core of HBD is hostility to White racial nationalism, a hostility shared by many prominent HBDers.

2. Hostility to genetic kinship/EGI.  Regardless that some HBDers may say a kind word or two about Salter, the core HBD ideology favors a phenotype-based cross-racial affinity based on IQ, behavior, or whatever trait is utilized to trump actual genetic kinship.  Pursuit of core HBD is in the long run damaging to European EGI, and that is its intention - to replace genetic kinship and genetic interests and the organic solidarity of a racio-cultural ethny with an aracial constellation of groups and individuals binned together based on cherry picked hierarchically numerated phenotypic traits.

3. A pathological hostility to pan-Europeanism and to White racial solidarity.  A fundamental premise of HBD, building on points 1 and 2 above, is to divide Europeans against each other, to eagerly grasp at any theory or factoid that can be used to amplify intra-European differences and obfuscate and hide intra-European similarities.  The idea that Europeans may come together based on race, EGI, genetic and cultural kinship, actualization of a High Culture, history - all this fills the HBDers with fear and rage.  That European-derived "cognitive elitists" would make common cause with their "less bright" European racial brothers and sisters, spurning Asiatic "cognitive elitists" also fills HBDers with a blinding rage - one just needs to remember some of the angry and frustrated comments the GNXPers were making about Jared Taylor a dozen years ago. How dare educated professional Whites make common cause with blue-collar, ordinary White folks!  How dare White "cogelites" spurn Yellow and Brown "high-IQ" professionals!  For shame!  The HBDers instead want a Hartian alliance between Jews, East Asians, some South Asians, and high-IQ NW Europeans, in that order of leadership and importance, an alliance to destroy WN, turn Europeans against each other, promote Jewish/Asian interests, and promote miscegenation (see point 4).

4. An ideology based on worshipping at the Altar of Asia and at the Altar of the Yarmulke.  Jews and East Asians are the twin HBD master races (with upper-caste South Asian "cognitive elitists" often included as well),  HBD suggests that these groups are the natural masters of Whites; HBDers also promote the idea of a Jeurasian mongrelization between certain White "cognitive elitists" and Asiatics/Jews (taking place in White countries of course), to bastardize White stocks, an intellectual decapitation of the White race, turning high-IQ White bloodlines into Jeurasian mongrels.  Essentially - is it good for the Jews?  Is it good for the Asians?  If you answer "yes" then that is HBD.

5. An ideology based on lies, deception, cherry picking. pseudoscience, "just so stories," and outright mendacious malice.  HBD is the archetype of a politicized pseudoscience and is the enemy of a genuine and honest racial science.