Sunday, March 8, 2015

Nemtsov Update, 3/8/15

NECs in custody.

I note that the Russian authorities are holding suspects in the Nemtsov killing.  Putin’s Russia is a murky place and who knows if the truth on this issue will ever completely come out, but it is interesting that the suspects are described thus:
Moscow (AFP) - Four men were in custody Sunday for the killing of Russian opposition activist Boris Nemtsov in a probe which has yet to reveal the motive for the brazen assassination in the centre of Moscow. 
The suspects, from Chechnya in the volatile northern Caucasus region...

Of course, right after the killing, the Putin regime was eager to place blame in a different direction: the blame on those evil “right-wing” Ukrainians or those dastardly Russian “ultranationalists”...

We can be grateful I suppose that the Kremlin didn’t just decide to arrest some “ultranationalists” despite whatever actual evidence they have; perhaps they believed that a too-obvious set-up would cause some problems with Trad Vlad’s attempt to curry favor with more moderate nationalists in France, Hungary, and elsewhere.

Regardless of why a more even-handed approach is being taken in the actual investigation, the initial response of the Putin regime to the killing is instructive.  A crime that very possibly was carried out by Vlad’s pet Asiatic Muslims was quickly attributed to the hated Russian Slav “ultranationalists.”   It’s a good thing that Vlad is not ruling the UK, since he would, I presume, have been eager to pin Rotherham on those nasty “ultranationalists” of the BNP.

Meanwhile, the blushing schoolgirls continue to get all hot and bothered over their shirtless tiger-wresting traditionalist superhero.  The Delusional Right is a sorry sight indeed.