Sunday, March 8, 2015

Shilling for Mainstreaming, 3/8/15

Another boring Durocher post.

Durocher's getting excited over Orban again, a blushing schoolgirl equivalent for Hungary. Orban just needs start wrestling tigers bare-chested like Trad Vlad so Durocher can get even more breathless.

To which I answer:

If Orban's rhetoric is anything more than a cheap political ploy to siphon support from Jobbik, then it needs to be mirrored in action, said action not including cancelling nationalist conferences, detaining American racialists, and kowtowing to international Jewish interests.

Mainstreamers don't care about such things. A few words that sound right and we are told we are halfway to victory because someone - finally! - mentions the problems.  You know, like Thatcher mentioning the immigration problem (how's that working out, UK?  Let's the ask the folks in Rotherham), Reagan and his "welfare queens," and Sarkozy stealing FN voters before he got elected and started talking about the obligation for miscegenation, and continuing the mass migration policies leading to Charlie Hebdo.

The mainstreamers are no different from the blushing schoolgirls and their onanistic infatuation with Trad Vlad.  We need to separate the men from the boys (or girls) here; we need folks who can tell the difference between soothing rhetoric and actualization of rhetoric into policy.