Sunday, March 15, 2015

Soft Weeping From the Blushing Schoolgirls

Private life mirroring the Eurasian Union?

The woman in question is a slant-eyed half-Tatar.  This story of course still needs to be more officially confirmed, but the fact remains that Trad Vlad has been linked to this woman for years.

It all makes sense, really. A leader needs to be a role model. Putin's Russia is all about the Eurasian Union, it is all about submerging White Slavic Russians under a Yellow-Brown Asiatic flood, it is all about promoting multiracialism and multiculturalism, while kowtowing to Jewish interests. So, why not mirror all of that in your personal life and churn out some Hapas with a Tatar?  

And, hey, all you need to do is wrestle a tiger bare-chested and all the pathetically effeminate blushing schoolgirls on the Right will think you are some sort of traditionalist nationalist superhero and rally to support you.  The guy has it made from both ends. Well played, Vladdy.