Sunday, March 1, 2015

Strom, Russia, and Putin

Clarifying a difficult situation.

Strom: This desire to destroy their best-organized opponents also explains why Zionists support a government that includes a few racial-nationalists in Ukraine: These money-men see the bigger picture; and Russia and its rising alliances, no matter how much they say they love Jews and America, and no matter how many Holocaust revisionists they imprison, form an alternate power structure to the New York / Tel Aviv axis and so must be encircled, contained, and taken down by any means necessary.

At this blog, I have been harshly critical of Putin and of the Western "blushing schoolgirls" who wet themselves in excitement thinking about Trad Vlad.

However, I also reject the Manichean worldview that simplifies every political situation into a binary, black-and-white, us. vs. them scenario.  My criticism of Putin does not mean I support the current Ukrainian government. My criticism of Putin and his "amen corner" does not mean I support the obvious Globalist-Neocon offensive against Russia.  The fact that I mock the blushing schoolgirls does not mean that I reject Strom's reasonable and, in my opinion, more or less accurate analysis.

I simply take things a bit further, acknowledging the true dimensions of White powerlessness.  The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend. In the Russia vs. Ukraine-Neocon conflict, neither side represents White interests.  In the long run, a victory for neither side will advance our cause.

This view is said to be not practical, lacking "pragmatism."  I think otherwise; looking long term, my view represents hardcore reality, and, facing reality, however unpleasant, is ultimately practical and pragmatic.

The harsh truth: in the current conflict in Eastern Europe both sides are anti-White, as is the case with virtually every political conflict the world over. The original "Maidan" Ukrainian "revolution" was, in my opinion, clever Globalists, driven by the interests of the Tribe and by American geopolitical realpolitik, exploiting sincere and naive Ukrainian nationalists in order to establish a Neocon puppet regime. So, here I am in agreement with the blushing schoolgirls.  Where we part ways is in our assessment of Putin/Russia in this scenario. Strom misrepresents the truth here. It isn't just that Putin uses some "squid ink" to hide his true motives; his true motives themselves are suspect. It isn't just that Putin says he "loves Jews" or throws some nationalists in jail.  It is that his vision of Russia is multiracial and Eurasianist.  He is promoting a mirror image of multicultural globalism, but in this form under his control, replacing New York/Tel Aviv with Moscow.  I'm not interested in someone who cynically and instrumentally uses patriotism and traditionalism to promote a mixed-race multicultural agenda. We have enough of those in the GOP at home.

So, yes, fine, if it is Putin vs. the Necons, I prefer Putin, but I'm not going to invest any time/energy promoting the man and his cult following: he is not one of us, people who pretend otherwise show bad judgment, and I reject the idea that anyone who opposes New York/Tel Aviv deserves our groveling support. If that's the case, why don't WNs flock to support the Islamists? They too are against the Neocons and the Tribe. Why not?