Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Horror

The chosen ones are upset.

Hundreds of White English children are sexually abused in Rotherham to the disinterest of the System, and yet we must all become hysterical if a couple of men look over their shoulders while passing a yarmulke-wearing Jew.

The infinite gulf between how the System values Whites and Jews can be discerned by that comparison.  The reality: the System would joyfully consign the entire White race to humiliation, torture, and genocide rather than having one single Jew (or colored immigrant) experience one second of (even imaginary) discomfort or disturbance.

Keep in mind these Tribesmen are the "master race" of the HBDers, the "high-IQ" supermen who, along with the Chinese and other Northeast Asians, are our "proper" rulers and betters.

Really, now.  My vision of mass trials followed by gallows executions of leading HBDers is so mild, so humane, that I'm almost embarrassed to propose it, for fear of being considered a liberal, turn-the-other-cheek, Christian milksop.

Mass hangings of prominent HBDers, watched with glee by joyous crowds of liberated Whites, is the absolute minimum that any self-respecting White ethnostate should do to such absolute scum.