Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Yet Another Defeat for Mainstreaming

It's not like we didn't warn you.

Many even expected the National Front to come out on top in Sunday's vote, since its support has steadily surged over recent years under Le Pen. With her eye on a 2017 presidential bid, she wants to close France's borders and rails against the "Islamization" of Europe. 
Sarkozy's conservatives dominated the Sunday elections instead — in part because they have increasingly been borrowing from the far right playbook to win votes.

Surprise (not)!  It's obvious: if skullface Marine moves the FN closer to the center, then all the Sarkozy group has to do is "feint right" - which they've done many times in the past - and poach FN voters and win the elections instead.  Once in power, the Sarkozyites can then proceed with continued mass immigration as well as publicly promote miscegenation - while the dull-witted "Right" scratches their heads and mumble, "wha' happen'?"

If given the choice between moderate-right conservatives and a slightly more rightist moderate-right FN, the French will pick the safer conservatives every time.  Of course, if the masses had any sense, they'd realize that the conservatives are openly lying to them, but we know the masses have little sense.  To make an impact on the mass voter, politicians need to be bold, and need to draw clear lines of distinction between themselves and their opponents. The FN has a wide field fully open further to their right, but in the direction of the center, the political niche space is already occupied by a firmly established System party. But the breathless Durochers will continue promoting Frumpy Marine as she drives the French Right into the centrist ditch of oblivion.