Monday, April 20, 2015

Amren 2015

The Great Debate.

First, thanks goes to Margot Metroland for the informative summary of the 2015 American Renaissance conference.

I would like to briefly comment on the debate between Spencer/Dickson  and Brimelow/Derbyshire. Of course, I side with the Spencer/Dickson side, the System needs to be completely destroyed. I'll pass over "he desperately needs a haircut" Brimelow and focus on Derbyshire. With the notable (and most appreciated) exception of Greg Johnson, folks in the "movement" are a bit too deferential and respectful to Derbyshire.  One wishes folks would be more willing to state the obvious: that much of the Derb's ideology likely stems from his own personal circumstances.  

Therefore: hostility to radical revolution, hostility to White racial nationalism, an overly enthusiastic embrace of Asiaphilic HBD, promotion of a White-Asian "Arctic Alliance," approval of miscegenation - all of this "just happens to be" most convenient for a White male married to a Chinatrix, and with mixed-race children.

Indeed, one can suppose that Derbyshire's dream America would be quite compatible with a GNXP-style vision: law and order crackdown on Negro crime and on illegal immigration, more legal Asian immigration and less legal immigration from other sources, a free market "technocracy" dominated by Jews and Asians with Whites in a subaltern position, Jews and Asians practicing ruthless collectivist ethnic nepotism while Whites are atomized individuals, miscegenation (particularly of the Jeurasian variant) promoted and celebrated, etc. That may be the Derb-GNXP-HBD vision, but it is not, or should not be, ours.

Like all of us, Derbyshire is not getting any younger; he doesn't have to worry about a "racial revolution" in his own lifetime.  But his Eurasian children, and their own families, do need to worry about what the future holds and, thus, one can understand Derbyshire eagerly grasping at the possibility of System stability and suppression of any outburst from those uppity Whites.

Now, of course, nothing wrong with a bit of enlightened self-interest.  But when that self-interest becomes an outrageously obvious conflict of interest to the fundamental requirements of White survival, then it becomes a problem.  The point has long been passed where Derbyshire's self-interest in his familial situation is in conflict with the interests of White survival on the North American continent.

By the way, Derbyshire's assertions about "designer babies" as discussed in Metroland's article, are stupid.  First, such engineering is most likely in China and not the West (an advantage for the Chinese that Derbyshire may well support). Second, even if the West were to support such activities, without overthrowing the System, the benefits would be applied in an aracial manner.  Thus: Negro babies given higher IQs at White taxpayers' expense.  Great.  The racial divide and the differences in genetic interests still obtain, but now we've made the other side more intelligent.  Good going there! HBD logic at its finest.