Monday, April 27, 2015

Destroying the Middle Class Through Immigration

More of what we already know.

This blog is more concerned with ultimate interests (i.e., EGI) than proximate interests such as economics; nevertheless, it is still a useful exercise to document immigration's destructive toll on the (White) American middle class, if for no other reasons than politics.

But herein we meet a problem.  Anti-immigration forces utilizing such arguments move in the direction of (economic and to some extent cultural) populism.  I'm all for that, and I agree with Greg Johnson that Right-Wing Populism is the "sweet spot" in American politics. However, we have a problem there in the American political system, given the influence of big money/big business in controlling outcomes and stifling any expression of such populism.  Economic populism is more popular among Democratic voters (and even there it is a sham, since their candidates are for the most part in the pocket of big business); however, the Democratic party, motivated by anti-White hatred, is all for more immigration. In the USA, anti-immigrant sentiment is mostly concentrated among the more conservative of GOP voters, but that party is completely and absolutely controlled by the Chamber of Commerce and other business interests, and Republican politicians are, for the most part, as radically pro-immigration as their Democratic counterparts.

Thus, the fusion of populism and immigration restriction has no place in today's mainstream American politics. And that's by design, not by accident.

Also note in this article the statement about Asian voting patterns.  Asians in America, being, on average, economically successful professionals and reasonably socially conservative, would seem to be "natural Republicans."  Yet, they gravitate toward Democrats, for reasons of race.  Even though both the Republican and Democratic wings of America's one party system are both anti-White, the perception is that the GOP is the "White man's party." Hence, any group that identifies itself by hatred toward Whites (and a certain Levantine tribe also comes to mind here) will eschew their economic self-interest and move in the direction of racial identity in opposition to Whites. Hence, Asians, motivated by an existential hatred of everything White, lean Democratic.