Monday, April 13, 2015

Mainstreaming News, 4/13/15

Le Pen vs. Le Pen.

Read here.  Excerpts (emphasis added) and my comments as follows:

Opinion polls suggest Marine Le Pen is likely to make it to the second round of 2017 presidential elections, although she is not predicted to win.

Things can of course change over the next two years, but if that prediction holds, then all of this - the mainstreaming, the family feud, the sissification of the FN - will all be for nothing.
It is the Greek drama of French politics; the political family, so long attacked from outside, now turning on each other in the full glare of public life.
The tinfoil hat brigade in the "movement" is trying to pass this off as a "ruse"  - that father and daughter planned this "fake feud" to allow Marine to "distance herself" from her father and gain more votes from timid French who are afraid to vote their interests. I don't know, if the "plan" is to make Marine more palatable to cowardly Whites, it would have been easier, and less embarrassing to all involved, just to have the senior Le Pen stay silent and not bring these issues up in the first place. I don't buy the conspiracy theories. I'll take the feud at face value, following Occam's Razor.
Whether or not it will prove to be full political parricide is still unknown, but the announcement by Jean-Marie Le Pen that he is withdrawing his candidacy from December's polls is, at the very least, an acknowledgement that his place in the party he founded is not what it was.
That's for sure.
But Jean-Marie's influence has long been on the wane. Despite being honorary president of the party, decisions on its direction and personnel are made without him, and a poll this month by Odoxa found that almost 90% of Front National supporters believe it is time for Jean-Marie to withdraw from political life.
These are the same lukewarm supporters, brought in by mainstreaming, who will abandon the FN for the Sarkozy brigade at the earliest opportunity.
Ms Le Pen has tried to rid the party of its racist image, the BBC's Lucy Williamson in Paris reports.
Certainly!  All those nice Negroes and Arabs, good French citizens all, just need a bit of help assimilating, and the grand Sarkozyite vision of racial miscegenation will come to pass. We can't have old fuddy-dud White male racists like JMLP screwing things up now, can we.
He went on to say that France was governed by immigrants - singling out Prime Minister Manuel Valls, who is of Spanish heritage - and that France needed an alliance with Russia to save the "world of the whites".
Save Whites?  God forbid! That will interfere with Marine's non-racist outreach program. After all, a brown and black France will still be France as long as everyone wears berets and eats aged cheese with their wine.

2015: Repeats views on the Holocaust, prompting Marine Le Pen to accuse him of trying to "rescue himself from obscurity"
Note: she is talking about her own father there. And the founder of the party she leads.