Friday, April 17, 2015

Mainstreaming News, 4/17/15

Will the UKIP under perform?

Someone at The Occidental Observer thinks so, and some of the reasons why reflect that party's mainstream conservatism, free trade fetish, and protestations about not being "racist" (*).  Thus, another "fail" for mainstreaming, more time wasted, more diversion of effort and resources. Eventually, mainstreaming will be recognized as a failure; unfortunately, by the time that happens, we will all be several steps closer to our collective racial doom.

*On the other hand, the author cites the fear of being "racist" a reason for folks not voting for the UKIP.  Then the author critiques the UKIP for being weak on non-White immigration. At first glance, those two assertions seem contradictory - voters won't support a non-racialist UKIP and at the same time they won't support the UKIP for fear of being deemed "racist." However, things are more complicated than that.  First, there are different groups of voters. There are some who, at the current time, would never vote for a "far-Right" (labeled by the media) party, regardless of how mainstream; these are those voters scared by the "racist" label.  Then, you have a second group, folks who could be core supporters of UKIP, who don't care about the "racist" label, but these folks will get disgusted by the UKIP because that party is, in reality, not "racist" at all. So, the UKIP falls in between two stools - it loses the faint of heart because of media labels, and it loses the stout of heart because of their actual policies.  Then we have a group of voters who are, at the individual level, of two minds - these same people are at once afraid of "racism" but tired of immigration and they could in theory be persuaded to vote for "racists" if they thought it could end the personal suffering they experience from mass immigration.  But why go through the trouble of supporting the UKIP if that party accepts "high-IQ" Asians and others?  When you have a party with an incoherent ideology (typical for mainstreaming), then you can expect incoherent responses from voters.