Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Bunker Syndrome for 4/7/15

No translation into politics.

Opinion poll shows Americans, particularly Republicans, want more deportation and are against automatic birthright citizenship. And yet these same folks will eagerly flock to the voting booth to cast a ballot for the Bush family, John McCain, Graham, Rubio, or any other of the host of prominent GOP politicians who support amnesty and who advocate for hastened demographic change in America.

There is no way around it. White voters, White conservative Republican voters, are extremely stupid. And this is another "fail" for HBD, because whatever you want to say about the "IQ" of these voters, they are nevertheless practically stupid, dumb when it comes to defending their interests, defending their biological fitness.  They believe in X,Y,Z and then they allows themselves to be hoodwinked into voting for candidates vehemently against X,Y,Z.  If you do that, you can have a 160 IQ and still be dumb as a stone.