Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Double Fail for Mainstreaming, 5/17/15


Read here.  For all quotes, emphasis added:

And I am saying this from a unique perspective as my grandfather was of Indian origin. Although I don’t present as Indian, I am obviously not 100% British.

So, first, this prominent fellow active in the UKIP and British "far-Right" mainstreaming politics is of part South Asian origin and is a "self-described British culturalist." Second, he's the one (!) criticizing the UKIP for being too liberal on race, immigration, and the "JQ." Thus, he's being interviewed by The Occidental Observer for his "further-to-the-right" perspective on the UKIP. Never mind his mischaracterization of WN as being unconcerned by ethnically alien European immigration to the UK. Instead, we get:

An organic assimilation of people we hand pick to move into our country is very different than encouraging mass immigration as our government have done for decades. If I had my way, I’d close all the borders and repatriate anyone who wasn’t able to, or refused to assimilate. We’d only take immigrants deemed culturally assimilable.

Like South Asian Hindu immigrants, I presume.

At this point, should we laugh or cry?