Saturday, May 2, 2015

A Good But Incomplete Strom Essay

Black yes, but what about Yellow and Brown?

That's an excellent essay and, obviously, I agree with everything Strom says.  And, the latest information confirms that some of the police officers charged are, indeed, Negro themselves.  Of course, regardless of the race of the accused, and regardless of the fact that the police are rarely our friends (*), the fact remains that this is "mob justice" and another step downward into the Third World sewer.

All well and good.  But incomplete. Strom writes eloquently about the danger of the Negro in our midst, and of the Levantine Tribe that forces Negroes upon us.  But what about the Asians?  How about an essay about the Asianinzation of America?  How about that if we praise the Asian as a "model minority" they hate us more and say that is offensive?  How about when Whites destroy their own parental kinship and our genetic interests by adopting Asians, those same Asian children, brought up in loving homes by White parents who gave them all the best instead of having children of their own, how about those Asian children claiming they were "kidnapped," identifying with the Asian mothers who gave them away, and scorning the White America that gave them a home (Koreans are particularly good at that game)?  How about Asians, given positions of power and authority, prizing blood over all else, and spying for their racial homelands?  How about Asians, offered an "Arctic Alliance" with Whites, instead knocking away the White Hand of Friendship with the Yellow Fist of Hatred and making common cause with Robert Mugabe and other White-hating Negroes?  How about Yellow and Brown Asians brought into our universities and the STEM fields and into business, to the top of the human energy pyramid, engaging in outrageous ethnic nepotism for their own, crowding out Whites, while all the time hypocritically preaching to Whites that "ethnic nepotism is not adaptive" as they practice that same nepotism to their own racial advantage and our detriment?  How about Asians, literally worshipped by pathetic White male nerds, lashing out in hatred with their Monolid hate magazines and other expressions of racial animus?  How about Asians, with higher average net worths than Whites, supporting quotas ("Chinese for affirmative action") and getting special advantages and government business loans for being a "socially disadvantaged" minority?  How about that whatever we do for them, praise them, try to distinguish them from the nasty NAMs, intermarry with them, these Asians are still consumed with an existential hatred for everything White and Western?  Please write about that as well, Mr. Strom.  Use your great talents as a writer, as a polemicist, and point out the dangers of of the Yellow and Brown Asiatic, in the end a more formidable enemy than the Negro, for obvious reasons.

*If you are the White victim of a Negro "hate" crime in an urban metropolis, do you think you'll get a fair hearing from any (White) police officer?  Sorry to disappoint - the answer is no.