Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Alpha,Beta, Omega...Leucosa

A new term.

We are all familiar with the terms alpha, beta, omega, etc. as they apply to human - mostly male human - behavior and status, with the alpha male being at the top of the heap and the omega male at the lowest, with the downtrodden betas somewhere in between.

The same applies to race, but, here we encounter a problem. Whites as a race are so weak, pathetic, inferior, masochistic, and man-boobish, that the terms "omega" or "omega race" are insufficient. Indeed, Whites are lower than omega to the same extent (or greater) than omega is to alpha.

We therefore need a new term to describe lower-than-omega behavior.  Carrying forth the use of Greek words, I suggest the term leucosa, based on leucos (Greek for white).

Thus, we can speak of a leucosa male, a leucosa race, and leucosa behavior.  Such behavior is the lowest, most spineless, most self-abasing, most worm-like, most pitiful imaginable; in other words, typical White behavior.  For example: Rotherham and its (non-) aftermath.  Or the ongoing "rescuing" of invaders in the Mediterranean. Or any of a host of behaviors characteristic of the manifestly inferior White race.