Friday, May 29, 2015

American Mainstreaming: Immigration Grades for Presidential Candidates, 5/29/15

Mostly poor grades.

The most likely scenario for the 2016 US Presidential election is this: a White-hating pro-immigration pro-amnesty Republican vs. a White-hating pro-immigration pro-amnesty Democrat. The complete destruction of the GOP as any sort of vehicle for a genuine American conservatism was in large part brought about by an American form of political "mainstreaming" - the idea that one could not directly approach race, one had to be "implicit," one had to compromise, one had to "move to the center," one had to "tone down the rhetoric," one had to "appeal to the suburban soccer moms," that Americans would shy away from "extremism" (extremism being defined by anything that remotely reflects White racial interests). Thus, the modern Republican party, and the absurdity of non-choice in virtually every election. 

And now the mainstreamers, with that magnificent record of utter failure, preach the same for racial nationalism as a whole and, particularly, preach it for the nationalist parties of Europe. We can see where this is headed: Marine Le Pen eventually advocating for more non-White immigration into France and into Europe, as long as it is "culturally assimilable" (and even culturalism will eventually be abandoned as well). You know that's coming, don't you?  After all, a seasoned and rational politician must be "pragmatic" and "reasonable" and "must be electable."  When the FN drifts to the left of Sarkozy on race and immigration, then we'll all know that mainstreaming has been "successful."  Just like in America. It is inevitable. Compromise breeds surrender.

By the way, the VDARE redesign stinks.  Change for the sake of change is nonsense. What?  Was the old VDARE site design "on the wrong side of history?"  Why change it?