Saturday, May 9, 2015

An Excellent Letter, 5/9/15

At The Occidental Observer.

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The answer to both ‘questions’, as well as the questions regarding other races, will necessarily differ depending on whether one looks at them from a White Nationalist perspective or a (mere) Racialist perspective.
‘Racialists’, including most HBD’s, are fundamentally okay with a multicultural society based on the western model – they actually assume it. They answer the various ‘questions’ by estimating how compatible the corresponding races are with a western, multicultural society. Thus for instance: the Jews/Asians have the cognitive abilities required to compete, and even contribute to ‘our’ society, as well as a behavioral patron compatible with the rules and values of ‘our’ society; therefore the Jews/Asians are good/acceptable/allowed, contrary to Blacks, Muslims etc.
Obviously (must be), that racialist/HBD model is terribly naïve, for it’s blind to the racial loyalties, especially of the non-Whites, and it assumes that the kind of multicultural society where individuals of all the ‘compatible’ groups compete on equal footing will remain unchanged when Whites are no longer a majority. It should be obvious to anyone with half a brain that once the Asians, for example, become a decisive majority it’ll be goodbye to ‘equality’ and hello to Asian privilege (this time a real one) or even Asian exclusivity.
Fundamentally there’s only one realistic approach towards other peoples, which inevitably leads to White Nationalism: in this world of limited resources, populated by different races naturally imbued with (insurmountable) tribal instincts, all other races are our competitors and potential enemies. We must assume that other races will pursue their interest, necessarily to the detriment of others, including us. Therefore, at its core, there’s simply the non-White question, which enfolds the ‘Jewish question’, the ‘Muslim question’, the ‘Asian question’ etc.
Further nuances of that universal and eternal principle, regarding actual politics in relation to other peoples, should be formulated according to the danger a people poses to us, based mainly on their objective strength and hostility towards us

This fellow needs to also understand that HBD is not the same thing as "race realism" and it certainly is far from any real racial science.  Instead, HBD is a political movement, which has as its long term aim the enslavement of European-derived Whites to the interests of Asians and Jews.