Saturday, May 2, 2015

Greg Johnson on the Man on White Horse Syndrome

Getting it right.

Greg Johnson
Posted May 2, 2015 at 10:09 am |
I see the same delusional patterns in your thinking, and in the political fantasies of the WN supporters of Pat Buchanan for President, Ron Paul for President, and Rand Paul for President, and of course in the Putin fangirls. In every case, our people, who are desperate to believe that someone big and established is on our side, insist that such individuals are “implicitly” or maybe even “secretly” on our side. Everything these people say and do that opposes white interests is then interpreted as a deep Machiavellian game of deception being played by our white hero, who will rip off the mask and implement our policies once he gains power. Or, if he is in power, we are assured that someday, when conditions are right, he will do something that might actually redound to the interests of the white race. Until then, our pure-hearted hero must “play the game.” In fact, the only game of deception here is self-deception. Until our movement matures, we will be plagued by this nonsense. Better to stay “pure,” that is to say, based on reason and reality, rather than adulterate ourselves with “unrealpolitik,” i.e., lies and delusions in order to imaginatively identify ourselves with a mainstream figure.