Sunday, May 10, 2015

Lower Than Omega, 5/10/15

Black superior over White.

If even one Negro low-life is killed by a police officer, Blacks will break out into riots. In contrast, thousands of English children, over a period of years, are sexually molested by aliens, with the crimes covered up for racial reasons. And, not only do the Whites there do nothing about it, but the politician who presided over the whole debacle was just overwhelmingly re-elected.

Now that the smoke has cleared somewhat after Britain’s election there is one result that should be absorbed by anyone who cares about the future of the West. The Labour MP for Rotherham, a woman who presided over a vast child rape epidemic and noticed nothing, was re-elected with a substantially increased majority. 
After months of lurid media coverage, after the exposure of the local Labour establishment, the resignation of the entire Labour council, the sacking of Labour-appointed culpable officials,  when no-one in the entire local Labour establishment could pretend they did not know what was going on, Sarah Champion was still able to pull in nearly twice as much as her closest rival, a UKIP candidate. 
This is a woman who consorts with Muslim politicians who still deny the child rape epidemic. Her only response  was to say that White men are the main culprits nationwide. 
For those who say that the only thing between us and a White awakening is a free media, it is a fact worth pondering over for a moment.

Whites are at the bottom of the racial heap, the most objectively worthless population group in existence. Superiority is not some sort of automatic birthright; superiority has to be earned. Likewise, a reputation as a weak, worthless, worm-like inferior coward race is also earned.