Sunday, May 31, 2015

Mainstreaming News, 5/31/15

More stupidity from Hungary.

Let us try to understand the "logic" here:

1. You are a political party farther to the right than your nation's conservative leader.

2. That leader has been losing popularity as he "mainstreams" himself and moves to the political center.

3. You, the radical right-wing party labeled as "racist" and "fascist" and "nazi," are gaining the popularity lost by the mainstream conservative.

4. Your conclusion is that you yourself should undergo mainstreaming, move to the center, and become a clone of the increasingly discredited conservative.

That's great. So even if Jobbik can ride a wave of voter discontent to victory - no sure thing if they become a carbon-copy of that which the voters are discontented with - they assure their time in power will be useless and relatively short-lived.

This is the "mainstreaming cycle" - as one "far-right" or "ultra-conservative" leader or party after another "moves to the center" so as to "appeal to the mainstream" and "win elections" and thus degenerates into yet another mainstream aracial conservative System chess piece.  After being so compromised, and part of the Establishment, the void on the Right is filled by another party, fated to undergo the same process.  Thus, each "far-rightest" in turn becomes "mainstream," becomes functionally irrelevant, and then becomes replaced by a new form of far-Right, and then the whole process repeats itself. No one ever has the idea of running to the right - far to the right - of a declining mainstream conservative. Instead, like a swimmer caught in a whirlpool, they are inexorably drawn into the maelstrom of boring, lackluster, unappealing, useless, and wimpified centrist politics.