Saturday, May 9, 2015

Strom, 5/9/15

A good essay, but...

It's good except for (1) the shilling for the National Alliance (which is to be expected, I guess) and (2) the old Piercian "we guys up here in these here mountains eating our twigs and branches are better than all you weak, soft, city-bred folk who can't even drive a car" outlook.  

It always annoyed the hell out of me when Pierce did that shtick, particularly since his rural lifestyle was in part funded by the "membership dues" and book sales and donations from all those "soft and weak" city slickers.  More to the point, although I can understand avoiding the filth and "diversity" of the cities, particularly for a White racialist organization, and I understand the need for temporary expedients, I do hope these folks know that they are not going to "reach the stars" by tramping through the woods looking at the Milky Way at night while chewing on beef jerky and whittling wood.

Yes, temporary expedients are one thing. But one day the White man needs to reclaim all he has built, including the cities.