Friday, May 1, 2015

The Wombat Speaks

Hispanic Jeb expresses himself.

How's that "working within the system" doing, HBDers?  Here we have a GOP base against amnesty and skeptical of legal immigration. And then we have a whole set of Republican candidates favorable to immigration, with front-runners all hot and bothered to legalize invaders while, of course, "enforcing the law" and "guarding the border" with the same grand efficacy of Ronnie Raygun's 1986 Republican amnesty.

Oh yes, we will hear, it was not Saint Ronnie's fault.  The "deal" was "reneged upon."  Very well. When did Reagan, or any of his fellow Republicans, ever mention that?  When did Bush Sr and Bush Jr, Republican Presidents post-Reagan, ever decry the lack of enforcement, much less do anything about it?  Instead, the younger Bush, together with the monstrous human defect McCain, was responsible for reviving the whole idea of amnesty all over again.

The utter and objective worthlessness of Whites, this pathetic omega race, comes out crystal clear from all of this. Like lemmings, they march to the polls to vote for "leaders" who hate them, who lie to them, whose fervent wish is to see them race replaced by colored aliens. A feckless race of idiots, blowhards, and losers, defeated in the great game of genetic interests and biological fitness. Evolution marches onward, and it appears the Earth will belong to the teeming colored masses of Latin America, Africa, and Asia.