Saturday, May 16, 2015

NECs and "Internet Integrity"

They are always a problem.

Chehadé believes the next hurdle for the global internet community doesn’t relate the underlying infrastructure of the internet. Instead, he thinks it's time to focus on "what happens on the internet."  
He called this "internet integrity." 
He went on, "When I see something on the internet written about me ... 
How do you know it is a high integrity item? How do you know this is the truth?" Chehadé believes that the next issue to be tackled is not how the internet works (which is the infrastructure that ICANN has been overseeing for decades), but how to create a better way to ensure and protect the content disseminated on the internet.

NECs were a problem at Marathon and Thermopylae, they were, and are, a problem with their 1965 immigration act and its aftermath, they are a problem with their ongoing immigration invasion of Europe and the "clash of civilizations," and they are a problem with this.

Who is going to decide what is truth and integrity online?   Who is going to "protect" and "ensure" Internet content?  A bunch of NECs with a historical animus toward Europe and the West?  And by NECs I include a certain "high-IQ" tribe much beloved by the HBDers.