Saturday, June 27, 2015

An Ironic VDARE Post

Clueless conservative.

After a long post spelling out how the previous week was a disaster for American conservatives, a litany of dismal failure that summarizes the disaster of conservatism, the author then ends by noting the Confederate or American flag as a perfect symbol of the (non-existent) "counter-revolution."

Yes sir, there's nothing like warmed-over failed 19th century Southern nostalgia to invigorate a failed and stale American Right!  Or is it the American flag that's the symbol?  Yes sir, warmed-over constitutional patriotism and 1950s-era "wave da flag and support the gummint" jingoism will save American conservatism!

In any case, conservatism is beyond hope; once again, conservatives defend positions that at one time they vehemently opposed, because they are constantly surrendering and then declaring their opponent's victory as the new status quo that must be "conserved.'