Thursday, June 18, 2015

Leucosa Watch, 6/18/15

More White surrender.

It's a "hate crime!"    Interesting that they automatically assume "hate" as the motivation, especially since a suspect has not been identified and there is no information one way or the other on actual motivation in this case. Contrast this rush to judgment to the refusal to label as "hate crimes" Black-on-White crimes in which bias is an obvious motivating factor.

And Mullin, the mindreader who "believes" it is a "hate crime?" See here.   Cue the "movement" talking about "high-trust hunter-gatherers."

Alexander Hamilton to be replaced on $10 bill.  After all, he was only a founding father, was at Valley Forge, and was the first Secretary of the Treasury, establishing the new nation on firm economic grounds.  Pfahh!  What's that?  Having two X chromosomes and a vagina is, of course, a more important accomplishment.

The utter worthlessness of Whites, particularly White males (not men), is on display once again.