Thursday, June 4, 2015

Life for Immigration Reform is Death for America

Republican treason once again.

So, once again we see Republicans betraying their stupid and sheep-like White base with the GOP's insatiable desire for cheap labor. The level of stupidity and mendacity here is beyond belief.

Key to this whole thing is confirmation of my previous assertions that the “solution” – particularly the Republican “solution” – to illegal immigration is simply to open the borders completely and massively increase legal immigration.  After all, if anyone who wants in gets in, there will be, by definition, no illegal immigration.  The net result is of course the same – demographic genocide and cultural destruction - but, hey, the “economy is growing” so who cares, right?

“When it comes to illegal immigration, what’s the No. 1 reason people come to this country illegally? The same reason our ancestors came here: to work,” Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., said Tuesday at a bipartisan event exploring pragmatic methods of reigniting the debate on reform. “From my standpoint, if you really want to secure our border, let’s eliminate or drastically reduce the incentives for illegal immigration, starting with a guest worker program.”

So, again, you “secure” the border by opening it up.  Thus, for example, if you are worried about criminals robbing your home, just leave the door open with a sign that says “take whatever you want.”  See, it’s not stealing then!  Of course, all your valuables will be gone just the same, but, since they weren’t “stolen,” it’s all good!  That’s the sort of retarded argument that will likely go over good with the moronic GOP base, and it is why the emphasis on illegal immigration is wrong – if you pretend (or actually believe) that the only problem is illegality, then all the System has to do is legalize everyone and – whoosh! – problem gone!  The problem is immigration itself - the relative legality is only a side issue.

And even if you want to emphasize economics rather than racial and cultural survival, the arguments still stink. The economy might “grow” but the vast majority of the benefits of that “growth” accrue to the immigrants themselves and to the wealthy who increase their profits from cheap labor.  Middle class Americans get screwed once again, and also have to deal with all of the externalities of the influx. Essentially Big Business privatizes the profits and socializes the costs of immigration, with White Americans bearing those costs.

And for the one-millionth time: there is NO STEM worker shortage in America.  There is a surplus. A massive surplus. There are in fact stagnant wages, unemployment, and underemployment. This is just a ploy to further drive down wages, replace White Americans with pliable Asiatics, and increase the dispossession of the American people.  Hey, politicians, if getting “smart people to work for us rather than for our competitors” is such a good idea, why don’t we apply it to other fields?  Let’s import politicians, lawyers, businessmen - surely there must be lots of foreigners who can fill federal and state political positions as well as you guys do, and do it cheaper.  Think of all those sharp minds out there – lawyers, business executives, media workers – we need them here!  After all, isn’t there a politician, lawyer, businessman, and media executive shortage?  Bring ‘em in!  And, if STEM folks are so smart and all, maybe they should be the ones in Congress making the laws, instead of a bunch of lawyers, MBAs, and other shysters?

In the end though, economic arguments are at best secondary.  For example, normal people are horrified by stories of parents trying to sell their children to strangers. Arguments of “but the parents are just trying to make a profit and maximize their economic well-being” do not convince when it comes to that. In reality, trading mass immigration for “economic growth” is exactly the same thing. The “parents” – the present generation of Americans – are selling their “children” – their posterity, their future generations – off to the highest bidder in order to attempt to maximize economic well being today.  From an EGI standpoint, these “parents” are losing “child equivalents” by letting in aliens.  

The disgusting and abnormal nature of this behavior is hidden from the masses since it is more indirect and impersonal than some drug addict trying to peddle their baby, and it is less immediate, and so does not resonate to folks who have the attention span of a mayfly. But, still, it is true.  You are going to dispossess your posterity, and for what?  So the GDP can be a fraction of a point higher than it would be otherwise?  So Brown folks can be in the back of the kitchen washing dishes, or out in the fields doing labor that is shortly going to be automated anyway?  So IT moguls can have cheap Asian labor?  So we can replace American STEM workers with Yellow and Brown Asiatics, while at the same time hypocritically agonizing over “why don’t more American students go into STEM?” So that pathetic White omega male nerds can have more legal Oriental concubines as their “wives?”  So that the 1% can make more profits off of the Death of America, off of the dispossession and disenfranchisement of the rest of us?

Are White Americans really so stupid that they will fall for such an obvious scam job?