Sunday, June 7, 2015

Meet Dolly Gee

Surprise!  Chinatrix favors illegal immigrants.

Read here.  Emphasis added:

Gee, the daughter of Chinese immigrants and an Obama nominee, has a long history of mandating benefits for illegal aliens, including ordering free lawyers for illegal aliens, something specifically banned by an Act of Congress. Having already rendered a preliminary decision in favor of illegal aliens who were being detained, Gee is expected to issue a final decision soon that may end all detainment...

As a public service, to assist the cognitively dim-witted "movement" escape from the influence of the anti-White death cult of HBD, this blog will continue to chronicle the perfidy of Asians.  Indeed, one can justifiably argue that the existential essence of the Asiatic is hatred for Whites and for White, Western civilization.

Ah, those HBDers...they owe us quite a debt indeed for the damage they have done with their Asiaphiia. One hopes that a future White ethnostate decides to collect that debt...with interest.