Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Of Rights and Retards

Against retardation.

Retard number one:

You are laboring under the delusion that vaccinations, especially of babies and children, have no serious side-effects, and provide a true form of immunity. Have you ever looked into those who claim otherwise? I mean a serious, thorough look.

Yes, I have.  In contrast, have you, seriously and thoroughly, looked at the overwhelming evidence in support of the efficacy and safety of vaccination?  I doubt it.  Newsflash: doctors do not “make money” off of giving vaccinations. I myself have ZERO financial or other incentive. Vaccination (a White invention, albeit that’s irrelevant to this argument) are an amazing human accomplishment. Peoples of the past, desperate to avoid diseases killing their children, would have done virtually anything to have what some today blithely refuse.  Ironically, it is because of vaccination that these diseases have decreased in frequency so as to make people think vaccination is not necessary. And, no, it’s not from “improved hygiene and medical care.”  Our “hygiene and medical care” is as good now as it has ever been but, strangely enough, we are now having measles outbreaks decades after America was declared “measles free.”  Gee…maybe it has to do with the rise of the non-vaccinated, coupled with increased immigration and tourism. Shocking how our “hygiene” and “clean water” don't compensate for falling vaccination rates.

It’s amazing how people attack vaccines, which are generally very safe and effective, while they happily swallow medications like Adderall or statins, that have frequent side-effects and are of questionable utility to the general population. I speculate that folks have an unconscious aversion to needles – the doctor is “raping” them with the needles, “forcing” things into them. If only the vaccines came in pill form!  Ironically enough, a true example of vaccine side effects (albeit more to others than the vaccine-taker) was with the oral live polio vaccine – the injections of killed polio are safer.  But...needles are scary!
I would “sleep with” an AIDS-“infected” man (provided he was handsome enough) with no “protection” to prove my point. I know I would not “get” AIDS.

Please do.  Really, I would encourage it.  In fact, if it were in my power, I would find many “handsome” AIDS-infected men to sleep with you, unprotected, on a daily basis. The more the better!  And since you obviously don’t believe HIV is in any way harmful (another conspiracy!), then, if and when (hopefully!) you are infected, you will of course eschew medication.  I would very much like to assist in arraigning this experiment.      

Although I wonder: would you disclose your HIV status to any subsequent non-infected "handsome" men who cross your bed?  Or would that violate your libertarian "right to privacy?"  After all, the men make their "free market choice." Caveat emptor!      

By the way, I haven't forgotten your previous assertion that you would refuse vaccine if bitten by a rabid animal. That's another experiment I'd love to arrange (Stronza, meet Cujo!), but first it's best for you to live some years with HIV and non-medicated.  We would certainly want your immune system to be properly prepared for the rabies virus.

Retard number two:

Your blithe ignorance regarding the dangers of vaccinations suggests that you have willfully swallowed the indoctrination force-fed us by the public schools, the federal government, the pharmaceutical industry (which controls the FDA), and the allopathic medical establishment (now essentially dominated by Jewish money).
Following science is “ignorance.”  Ignoring science in favor of tinfoil hat stupidity is clever. Of course, this is all a “Jewish money” conspiracy.  That’s right.  Right this moment, Moshe Finklestein is here with his briefcase stuffed with cash, giving me my payoff. Strange though that it never works in the other direction.  (Jewish) lawyers of course have no financial incentive to claim vaccine damage and sue, or incentive to clamor for overturning the injury caps set in place to protect vaccine manufacturers from the sort of frivolous lawsuits they were getting over the tetanus vaccine. As well, snake oil salesmen of "natural remedies" have no financial interests in the anti-vax campaign either. It's just all those Jewish doctors! It's a plot! A Doctors Plot! Stalin was right!

Statists of your ilk are why some of us might prefer a more libertarian White society which focuses government on the common defense, the administration of justice, and the impartial settling of disputes and in which we could take responsibility for our own choices and not have others’ bad choices forced upon us. This is after all how humans learn, grow, and evolve.

This absolute retard is so overcome with his/her/its hysteria, it didn’t even read what I wrote. What about the rights of others, you moron?  What about responsibility to society?  Don’t want to get vaccinated?  Fine. Live on an isolated commune with your fellow Typhoid Marys. Refuse to do so?  Infect someone?  If they live, you are jailed for assault and battery, perhaps attempted murder. They die?  You get the death penalty for homicide. Want to smoke?  Fine. I smell your smoke, you are jailed for assault and battery. That's the responsibility for your choices. Your responsibility does not end with yourself. It includes the rights of others. Libertarians are solipsistic, navel-gazing, childish imbeciles, who think the entire world revolves around them and their “rights.”  Guess what?  Others have rights too. The right not to be exposed to your diseases, the right not to inhale your smoke, the right not to pay the social costs of your bad decisions. You are also a hypocrite. You don't want government to tell you to be vaccinated, but you want the same government to administer "the impartial settling of disputes."  In other words, if your unvaccinated kid kills my infant with their viruses, you want the government to protect you from my vengeance, and settle the dispute "impartially."  Coward.  And the fact that you are benefiting from free-riding from the herd immunity of others means you're a parasitic low-life. That's why I despise libertarians of your ilk, you lousy bastard.

Enough already with these idiots. Libertarians are no better than feral ghetto Negroes: me, me, me, always rights, never responsibilities, with a sociopathic disregard for the concept that others have rights as well, and a childish disregard for the reality that sometimes rights clash, and society must adjudicate in favor of the interests of the majority.

And it says much about the "movement" - and why I want no part of it - that whenever these issues come up on forums, no one, not once, supports science and the science of vaccination, and no one confronts the libertarians and their navel-gazing conception of "rights."