Friday, June 19, 2015

On Roof

Failed "movement."

So, it seems the "hate crime" designation was asserted based on some evidence, which was not available at the time the story broke.

The real victim here is Roof himself, a young White left adrift from a degenerate multicultural System, who has ruined himself through a useless violent outburst.

The "movement?"  It has responsibility here, but not in the manner that the System will assert. The "movement" is not responsible for Roof's disaffection, his beliefs, or his anger. The System itself is responsible for that.

What the "movement" is responsible for is for failing Roof and others like him, for not providing a constructive, non-violent, political/metapolitical outlet for his anger and energy. Now, while it is true that "higher matters" should be discussed at the higher levels of any real movement, you also need to have structures in place to engage those at other levels. Angry young Whites are not interested in cephalic indices, Kali Yuga, admixture ratios, Savitri Devi, the racial history of the Tocharians, or any other esoterica (both useful and useless) the "movement" dwells on endlessly. Nor are such people going to be properly developed as cadres through online "digital activism" only.

The failure of the "movement" - after so many decades - to produce any real movement of utility is a stark responsibility that it must accept.  It is, first of all, a failure of leadership, the abdication of duty and competent accomplishment that comes from the "movement's" affirmative action program. But the lower levels are equally responsible, for it is said that any people have the leadership that they deserve. If the "movement" has an affirmative action policy, it is because that's what the rank and file want, that's how they accept or reject putative leaders (merit has nothing at all to do with it). So, the rank and file are in part responsible for the fact that their own leadership has failed them.  

As there is no interest in the current "movement" for change and reform, one can expect such sorry stories to repeat, and more lives like Roof's to be wasted.