Thursday, June 25, 2015

The AQ?

No surprise.

Greg Johnson was quite clear in his post that he specifically wanted to hear from Armenians, regarding their self-identity. Obviously, that would be a skewed and biased sample (radical NECist Armenians are unlikely to read Counter-Currents), but, still, possibly useful.

But, having read the post, I knew what was coming, the typical "who is White?" arguments, leading to Greg's decision to close comments. My own take on the Armenian issue is more or less similar to Greg's.  The fellow who used to write for TOQ (who passed away some time ago) was, in my opinion, assimilable, while a certain pop-culture clan (who are in fact only part-Armenian) are not.

The bigger issue here is the underlying festering obsessions of the "movement" - on both sides of the issue (*) - which sabotaged the purpose of the post.

*The first obnoxious comment was from a pro-NEC, anti-Nordic poster.