Sunday, July 19, 2015

Behold the Derb: Measured Groveling

A comprehensive evaluation of John Derbyshire.

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Excerpts, emphasis added:

Rosie: "Nonsense! China give an apology to America? You're mad! What was that plane doing so close to our shore? Spying, that's what! You foreigners think you can just do as you like in China!" In less time than it takes to hit the Mayday button on an EP-3 control panel, we were into the Opium War and the suppression of the Boxers. Dialectical materialism may have passed undigested through Rosie's alimentary canal, but the xenophobic stuff went direct into her bloodstream. 
It's okay. In the style of Mao Tse-tung, who was fond of comparing crises in the Party with earthquakes, this is no worse than a 4 on the Richter scale. It certainly doesn't compare with last Aug. 6, a Sunday, and a day that will live in infamy, when I woke early with the horrible realization that it was our wedding anniversary, crept out of the house, spent a frantic hour trying to find a card store that was open, and got home...too late. Harmony will reassert itself. I just have to follow the President's example: be patient, and do some measured groveling.

Important takeaway points:

1. At this point in time, Derbyshire's wife "Rosie" (not her birth name) had been living in the USA for some time. She is currently a naturalized American citizen.  She is married to a person physically White and politically right-of-center. She belongs to a group literally worshipped by the HBDers, a group Derbyshire conflates with Whites as "non-Blacks."  And what do we see?  Extreme ethnocentrism. Allegiance to China.  Viewing America as alien and Americans as "foreigners" (note: she labels Americans as foreigners while she is living in America).  She labels her own husband as one of those "foreigners."  China is "our." That's the sort of cogelite loyalty we should expect from the Yellow Peril Fifth Column imported to these shores.

2. Derbyshire's relationship with his wife is defined by his "measured groveling."  Indeed, "harmony" is defined - in his own words - as his groveling subservience to his xenophobic Chinese wife.

3. This whole episode, including and especially the "measured groveling," is a perfect representation of what HBD as a political movement is all about: the groveling subservience of Whites toward Asians and Jews.  Is it no wonder that Derbyshire himself is a leading proponent of that philosophy?

Exposing Derbyshire:

A summary. 

He writes:

...given enough advance warning, I can probably get my own wife and kids out to the comparative sanity and freedom of China...

Let's see. His wife is Chinese and his children are half-Chinese. His wife is ethnocentrically Chinese and considers Americans as foreigners. He thinks China is comparatively more sane and free than America.  Why again is he and his family living here then?

And then we have this crypsis.  Wife's name is Qi Hongmei, not “Lynette Rose” or “Rosie.”


Derbyshire said of his family, "Our two children are, as they are already tired of being told, half English coal miner, half Chinese peasant, 100 percent American."

The last part there is his opinion, of which there will be considerable disagreement.

Despite his oft-voiced opposition to illegal immigration, Derbyshire has admitted that he was an illegal immigrant himself in the U.S. before achieving legal residence and eventual citizenship. He has even joked about his former illegal status...