Sunday, July 19, 2015

Enough is Enough With Derbyshirian Hypocrisy


This is the same fellow who debated at Amren 2015 that we can solve the race problem by "working within the system."  He then describes how System conservative Cameron fooled British voters by promising drastic cuts to immigration while, after being elected, allowing for mass immigration to continue.

As this is the same strategy pursued by the GOP in America, and by every System candidate in every White nation, and as this is obvious to all, then how can any sincere person champion "working within" such a corrupt system?

Enough is enough with this specimen, with his lies, distortions, HBDism, and efforts to conflate Whites and Asians with his "Black/non-Black" flim-flam.

The ONLY person involved with the "movement" that I've seen directly and forcefully denounce Derbyshire has been Greg Johnson.  With the silence of the HBD-entranced "movement" on this subject, my next post will be a more comprehensive summary of the Derbyshire threat.