Friday, July 17, 2015

In the News, 7/17/15

Four items.

A defense of proportional representation. I generally agree, but why does the AFP need to justify it in terms of "those poor colored minorities are under-represented?"  More mainstreaming nonsense. If the only way a nationalist party can appeal to Whites is through such degenerate universalism, then it's more trouble than it is worth.  Or, is this just another example of those "high-trust hunter-gatherers?"

Devlin's book reviewed. Keep in mind that the current nightmare, which Devlin ironically labels "utopia," is in fact considered a real utopia by the gamesters, who exploit the collapse of the West for their own selfish hedonism.  Folks like Costello read Devlin for the right reasons - to understand the current disaster so as to oppose and overthrow it; folks like CH read Devlin to learn how to take advantage of feminist hypergamy in order to lay as many sluts as possible, while "sitting poolside."

That this NEC filth and family are considered an "average Chattanooga family" tells all you need to know about the utter degeneration of America. Authorities are trying to establish a motive. A real mystery it all is!

ET phone home!  Still think "they are just like us," White man? Who should you believe - pathetic semi-autistic socially awkward HBD nerds with their living sex dolls or your own lying eyes?