Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Race Replacement is Not a Snapshot

The fetishists wrong again.

Read this.  

Excerpt, emphasis added:

Greece has one of the smallest population in Europe. Along with Italy, which I recently visited and was awed by the sheer number of immigrants in the center of Rome, it is accepting one of largest proportionate influxes of aliens.

Greece, Italy, and France, which already has a huge issue due to its immigration from its former colonies, might well be the first countries in Europe to see their indigenous populations becoming a minority.

Of course those of us with long memories remember "Desmond Jones" and his endlessly repeated outright lies about how countries like Italy, Greece, etc. are safely homogeneous, with no immigration problem, demographically secure until the ends of time.  As if taking a "snapshot" of a nation's demographics at one defined moment in time, and completely ignoring trends and ongoing changes, is somehow a rational, sane thing to do.  Focusing on, for example, Greek demographics in the year 2000, and stating that this defines the future of that nation for all time, makes as much sense as using English or Swedish demographics from the year 1960 to make assertions about those nations' racial futures.

There are many reasons for the ongoing failure of the "movement," but no doubt one reason is that so many "activists" - particularly those enriched in certain precincts of the "movement" - are dishonest liars, demented lunatics, sweaty obsessive ethnic fetishists, or otherwise downright stupid and/or crazy. And these types are accepted and enabled by others who make a show about "rejecting defectives" but who do nothing but help build the foundation of the "movement" on those selfsame defectives.  

By the way, the "mainstreamers" are another bunch of "movement" defectives - let us not forget that their heroine Marine Le Pen endorsed the SYRIZA party while simultaneously rejecting Golden Dawn. 

The "movement" must be destroyed.  Crush the infamy!