Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Pontian View: Yes

Golden Dawn thinks differently.

Dienekes argues against a "No" vote on the current Greek referendum. Not surprisingly, Golden Dawn supports "No" - not surprising since the contrast is between Greek nationalists and a blogger who believes (or has believed in the past) that someone who is 31/32 Nigerian and 1/32 Greek has just as much right to be a "Greek citizen" as someone who is of 100% Greek ancestry.

Unfortunately, both sides are wrong in this instance.  A "Yes" vote, favored by racially liberal Pontians, means that Greeks are slaves to International Finance and to the anti-European EU monstrosity.  A "No" vote means that Greeks continue to live up to the stereotype of being carefree, incompetent, immature, undependable, undisciplined, parasitic Medish deadbeats, who refuse to pay their debts and who lazily leach off of those who are more productive.

Ultimately, the Greeks are at fault for getting themselves into this mess, endless years of mounting debt ignored to enjoy an "easy life in the sun."  But, we can't let the Germans off the hook either. The current White-hating EU is primarily their "baby" (as well as that of France and other such relatively well off Western European continental nations that favor globalist integration). The EU being the latest German hegemonic project, they need to accept the bad as well as the good.  It should have been obvious that, in the absence of a complete biocultural renaissance, there would be no way for Greece to be as productive and responsible as Germany.  But then, a people who support mass importation of Turks and Africans to replace their own dwindling population are, in their own way, as defective as the Greeks.

Europe is on fire, and the moronic EU "leadership" and the sheeple under them are throwing gasoline onto the flames.