Saturday, August 8, 2015

An Incredibly Evil Piece of Despicable Filth

The Derb.

See my recent post on Jayman's pathetic attempt to delegitimize Salter's work.  The triracial mongrel Jayman is, like Derbyshire, a HBDer, and, thus, is part of the HBD political agenda to enslave Whites to Asians and Jews. "Awkward squad" Derbyshire, whose life revolves his self-admitted "measured groveling"  to an alien Asiatic, of course praises the anti-White, part-Chinese HBD fanatic who espouses the same insane creed as does Derbyshire himself. That Jayman is now going to blog at the site of a wealthy Jews, who is hostile to White nationalism, and who also hosts the likes of Breezy Steve and "actor on the stage of history" Frost, is also no surprise.

By the way, trolling trash who promote "moderation" also support "racialist (sic) conferences" which give a forum to Derbyshire to spew his anti-Salterian, anti-racialist garbage to an audience he previously referred to as "latrine flies."

The Codreanu quote here  comes to my mind when I consider how a future White ethnostate should treat all of the aforementioned excrement.