Sunday, August 2, 2015

And So What Are They Going to Do About it?

Leucosa watch: top concern, no action.

That's great. And what are these Europeans going to do about their top concern? Answer: nothing. They won't support and vote for "far-right" parties; after all, that would be "racist" and "extremist" and they "don't want to throw their votes away for the unelectable."  So, they'll vote for cuckservatives like Cameron and Sarkozy, or be seduced by do-nothing "mainstreamers" like Le Pen and Orban. They'll refuse to support and vote for the only parties dedicated to stopping the invasion.

After all, who is to blame? At one time, these nations were all White. At some point, their leaders decided to allow and facilitate the invasion. Who put these leaders into power?  Who voted for them? Who steadfastly refused to support the anti-immigration "far-right?"  The same leucosa sissy pansy weaklings now wringing their hands over "the immigration problem."  You reap what you sow, weaklings, and since you sowed evil for decades, now you will reap a whirlwind of disaster and destruction. Enjoy the Black-Brown-Yellow-Muslim "Europe" of tomorrow, you pansy White pathetic filth.