Saturday, August 8, 2015

HBD Realities

The facts of the case.

As recent posts here make clear, I like to use "over-the-top" rhetoric and personal invective when discussing HBD. That assists in drawing attention to the problem and alerting others to the danger. I suspect that Trump uses "bombast" in his campaign for similar reasons. Heated rhetoric aside, there are important points to make about HBD and the obvious syndicate-clique cooperation of inter-connected HBD bloggers, authors, etc. who assist each other in promoting their worldview.

HBD is a political movement.  It is openly hostile to: (White) racial nationalism, (White) racial loyalty, adherence to a (Western) civilizational core, the importance of kinship and genetic interests, European-derived peoples working together and creating a sense of pan-European Identity, the work of Salter (never mind Yockey) and the whole EGI concept. Instead, HBD revolves around a (ultimately aracial) constellation of human traits and a hierarchical ranking of humans by these traits that inevitably puts Jews and East Asians on top.  HBD is subversive of the kind of racial identity and pursuit of racial interests required for White preservationism and ascendancy.  It instead favors the long-term interests of Jews and Asians, and of Whites who have "thrown their lot in" with Jews and Asians. HBD is also a useful tool for people of all backgrounds who simply hate Whites and would like to see Whites fragmented, defeated, and diminished.

So, to those who ask: "Come on, do you really believe HBDers want to enslave Whites to Jews and Asians?" - my reply is, well, many of them may not have that conscious intention, but it doesn't matter: the long-term inevitable consequence of a HBD culture is the rise of a Jeurasian elite with a White underclass serving as "cannon fodder" and proletarian labor beneath them. Not all HBDers are seething with anti-White hatred (but I can think of some who are); nevertheless, it is clear they put loyalty to a predominantly Jewish/Asian "cognitive elite" above all else; HBDers who are racially White are therefore clearly race traitors. They may deceive themselves (and others!) that they are merely "politically incorrect truth tellers" but, in the last analysis, they are just another cog in the anti-White System machine.  

In the last analysis, all comes down to race and civilization, not IQ or behavior.